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A distinguishing feature of York University is the college system which uniquely bridges the large multi-Faculty University to smaller units for a closer relationship between faculty members and students. York colleges are small interdisciplinary communities, with distinctive characters and mandates, that offer a welcoming, innovative and convivial environment supportive of students’ successful adjustment to the university and the successful completion of their degree requirements. Each undergraduate student entering York University for the first time becomes affiliated with a college. The eight colleges serving students on the Keele campus - Calumet, Founders, McLaughlin, New, Norman Bethune, Stong, Vanier and Winters - provide a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities to complement the instructional programs of the various Faculties and to enrich the experience of the York student. College facilities may include common rooms, dining halls, coffee shops, study areas, computer rooms, seminar and small lecture rooms, in addition to a variety of recreational facilities. Most colleges accommodate about 260 out-of-town students, about 10 per cent of the total college enrolment, in well-equipped residences adjacent to college buildings. For further information, please consult the Academic Services and Support section.

The college is self-governed in its day-to-day activities by both faculty members and students. Each college is administered by a master and academic adviser, and by the residence life coordinator and dons in the residence. Each college also has a College Council, elected by students, which plans and finances a full range of social, cultural and athletic programs. Academic Orientation and Peer Advising, especially for first-year students in each college, is coordinated by the college’s academic adviser with the support of specially trained upper-level students. Fellows, who are valued members of the college and York community offer additional support in accordance with the academic mandate of each college.

The Task Force on the Colleges (2007) recommended a new alignment of affiliation between colleges and Faculties, with the college masters reporting to the deans of the affiliated Faculty as of July 1, 2007. Colleges are affiliated with Faculties to support the academic mandate and enhance the student experience for Faculties. Colleges will continue to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to academic life. The Faculty affiliations for colleges are:

  • Calumet College - Faculty of Health and Schulich School of Business
  • Founders College - Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and Faculty of Environmental Studies
  • McLaughlin College - Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • New College - Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • Norman Bethune College - Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Stong College - Faculty of Health and Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • Vanier College - Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • Winters College - Faculty of Fine Arts, communication studies and Faculty of Education

Glendon College, which is a constituent Faculty, offers daytime bilingual (French and English) undergraduate programs on a separate campus. Please consult the Glendon section for further information.

College Programs

The college programs provide a variety of cocurricular events and activities that support the distinctive academic mandates of each college and enhance the student experience. Norman Bethune College offers foundations courses as well as Life Sciences House, a living learning community linked to the Faculty of Science and Engineering. All the colleges offer speakers’ series and academic support sessions in addition to opportunities for social interactions. The colleges are located in two complexes with both offering an updated computer lounge for students to relax, conduct academic work and/or utilize the provided computers. These lounges also provide a wireless environment for students who bring their own laptop computers. Events offered by the colleges can be found on each college’s Web site (see below) or by referring to:

Click on one of the colleges below for more information.