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Location: 254 Vanier College, 416-736-5192
Web site:
Master: Stanley Tweyman, e-mail:

Vanier College is proudly named after Governor General Georges Vanier, one of the most distinguished and socially conscientious Canadians of the 20th century who himself embodied the humanistic values of this institution. The college is comprised of students, residents, Fellows and staff, all of whom contribute to the academic and social life of the college.

The mandated academic areas affiliated with Vanier College are: business and society (BUSO); economics, including business economics and financial and business economics; humanities, including children's studies, classical studies, classics, culture and expression, hellenic studies, individualized studies, Jewish studies, liberal studies and religious studies; philosophy; social and political thought; and undecided Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies majors.

Vanier College is governed in its day-to-day activities by the master, support staff and student government. Academic support is provided by the academic adviser and a team of peer advisers. Fellows, including distinguished researchers, awarding winning lecturers and internationally acclaimed writers, contribute to the academic and social life of the college. Vanier provides a forum for interaction between students, Fellows, faculty, administrators and affiliates whereby knowledge and skills can be shared. Among these are: cocurricular lectures; student learning skills and informational workshops; academic talks; and performances.

Vanier College Council, our student government, is central to college life and organizes social and sports activities, through which students can enhance their university experience. Vanier College Council also supports a literary journal, Existere, and a student newspaper, The Vandoo. Vanier College Productions, an amateur theatre company, provides students with the opportunity to audition and participate in all aspects of theatre, music, comedy and improvisation. A number of student clubs are housed in Vanier College.

Student Space is provided in Vanier College for study and/or to socialize and relax. As well, we have the Fred Thury Studio Theatre for Vanier College Productions’ performances and the Judith Rosner-Siegel Resource collection in classical studies.

Vanier College aims to provide a home on campus for every member of its diverse community, seeking to link them to each other and to the larger University.