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Principal: Kenneth McRoberts, 220 Glendon Hall, 416-487-6727
Associate Principal (Academic and Research): Françoise Mougeon, 220 Glendon Hall, 416-487-6840
Associate Principal, Student Affairs: Rosanna Furgiuele, C113 York Hall, 416-487-6716
Librarian of Leslie Frost Library: Julie Drexler, Leslie Frost Library, 416-487-6726
Executive Officer: Gilles Fortin, 220 Glendon Hall, 416-487-6791
Director of Advancement: Marie-Thérèse Chaput, 218 Glendon Hall, 416-487-6801
Director of Academic Services: Noël Chan, C102 York Hall, 416-487-6715
Manager of Student Programs: Georgette Wong, C103 York Hall, 416-487-6715
Manager of Academic Advising: Cristina Bregar, C107 York Hall, 416-487-6856
Director of Recruitment, Marketing and Communications: Tobi Strohan, B121 York Hall, 416-487-6710
Manager of Student Financial Services: Fiona Kay, C137 York Hall, 416-487-6701
Director of Information Technology Services: Sabine Lauffer, A113 York Hall, 416-487-6730
Director of Counselling: Pamela Broley, Glendon Hall, 416-487-6709
Director of Athletics: Margaret Wallace, 416-487-6717
Superintendent, Glendon Facilities Services: Sinclair Ammon, 416-487-6734
Manager of Student Affairs: Aaron Doupe, 170 York Hall, 416-487-6720
Manager, Housing and Hospitality Services: Vinesh Saxena, Greenhouse, 416-487-6862