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Location: 315 Stong College, Tel.: 416-736-5132
Web site:
Master: Modupe Olaogun, e-mail:

Established in 1969 Stong College is named for the pioneering Stong family, who came to this area from Pennsylvania in 1800 and farmed the lands upon which York University is built. Stong takes pride in its roots in a pioneer heritage, which finds its modern counterpart in the immigrants of today.

Four major themes have traditionally characterized Stong College, although, like all of the other colleges of York University, it welcomes diversity of thought, experience and academic specialization. The first theme includes English language and literature, both past and present, and critical thinking and writing, all of which are seen to be related under the general heading of the arts of discourse. The second principal interest of the college is in other languages, literatures and cultures. The scholarly pursuit of these subjects has given the college a multicultural flavour. Pride in the rich multiculturalism of Stong College, York University, Metropolitan Toronto and Canada goes well with a third major theme of the college: its strong social commitment. Through programs with a neighbouring school and other projects, the college is pleased to acknowledge its inseparable relationship with the society around us and its debt to it. Finally, Stong College has shown a consistent commitment to study of sport as a social institution. The college houses the School of Kinesiology and Health Science’s specialized certificate program in Athletic Therapy. Moreover, its students have participated enthusiastically and successfully in Recreation York’s inter-college sports programs. Stong College has recently embraced its new affiliation with the Faculty of Health which will be reflected in its future thematic emphasis.

As a college concerned and involved in all aspects of student life, Stong has a wide variety of facilities and programs that reflect the diversity of life at Stong. The Samuel J. Zacks Art Gallery, whose mandate is to feature student art, has a number of showings throughout the year that feature the work of traditional and native, international and professional artists. The student newspaper, The Flying Walrus and The Orange Snail pub and coffee shop, provide many opportunities for discussion, debate and celebration of life at Stong and York.

Stong has a rich tradition of supporting the financial needs of its students through a wide and varied bursary and scholarship program. Funded in large part by an active and involved alumni, these awards reflect the caring side of our college and provide evidence that our students’ commitment and involvement with Stong continues beyond graduation.

The Academic Resource Centre in the college lobby serves as a centre for our peer advising program and also as a nerve centre for student support resources on campus. Additionally, the academic adviser, the residence life coordinator, the staff of the Master’s Office and a long list of Fellows from a variety of disciplines are available and enthusiastic resource people intent on helping you gain the most from your university career.

Stong College is a happy and vibrant college that values and honours diversity, academic endeavours and achievement. The college encourages initiative and provides numerous opportunities for fulfillment and invites you to embrace the Stong “way” through a lifestyle of active participation in the rich mosaic of cultural, social and athletic life here in Stong.