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Location: Suite 2120 Technology Enhanced Learning Building, Tel.: 416-736-5831, Fax: 416-736-5637, Toll Free Number (in North America): 1-866-261-1790, e-mail: (computing technical assistance), (Distance Education inquiries)
Web site:

The eServices Office (eSO) at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies provides students with course Web site access and technical support. The eServices Office also provides special administrative services for distance education courses (Internet and correspondence), that includes getting started information, assistance for assignment submission and off-site examination scheduling.

Technology Enhanced Learning

The eServices Office provides course Web sites for every LA&PS course section. Many LA&PS instructors use the course Web sites to upload academic and course administrative materials and provide online interactive communications Instructors inform their students of their Web usage plans at the beginning of term.

Distance Education Courses

Students can study at their own pace with Internet and correspondence courses and learn from the convenience of a home office, a work environment or from the other side of the world. You can learn from the convenience of your home, office or from the other side of the world. LA&PS distance courses use the same textbooks and materials as in-class instruction and cover the same course content. Distance courses count towards your degree in exactly the same way as other in-class courses. Students can create a more flexible schedule by mixing in-class courses with Internet and correspondence courses or even complete an entire program by distance.

Students taking distance courses obtain instructional information, assignments, course requirements and relevant materials online. Students are required to complete assignments, (due on specific dates) and to write supervised exams at the University or an alternative postsecondary institution as scheduled.

Detailed distance education course information is available from the Next Steps Web site at This site includes information for registered students, i.e. computer requirements/accounts, access instructions and specialized administrative information. Course listings and timetables are navigated from the York Courses Web site page available at Once you find your course offering there will be a Course Web site link that includes the outline. The course outline contains academic and text requirements.

Programs Offered via Distance

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies offers a bachelor of administrative studies (BAS) degree and a management certificate entirely online. Detailed degree requirements, prerequisites and descriptions are available online in the Undergraduate Calendar available at

Mixed-Mode Courses: In-class and Internet

LA&PS offers mixed-mode courses which blend in-class and Internet modes of delivery. These courses combine and alternate on-campus classes with Internet online lectures. Mixed-mode courses combine the best of both teaching methods.