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Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Environmental Studies
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Pure and Applied Science
Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies
Osgoode Hall Law School
Schulich School of Business
Courses of Instruction
Glendon College

Faculty of Arts

Dean: Robert Drummond
Associate Deans: Heather Campbell, Susan Warwick
Office of the Associate Deans: S928 Ross, 416-736-5260

Bachelor of Arts Degree

  • Fields of Concentration

Academic Advising and Student Responsibility

Degree Requirements



Grading System

Term Work, Tests and Examinations

Academic Standing

  • Honours BA Degree
    • Qualifying for Honours
    • Graduating in Honours
    • Courses taken Beyond the Normal Maximum
    • Opting to Graduate in a BA Program
    • Ineligibility to Continue in Honours
    • Re-entering Honours
    • Graduating with a BA Degree
  • BA Degree
    • Graduating with a BA Degree
    • Courses taken Beyond the Normal Maximum-in Order to Raise Cumulative Grade Point Average
    • Courses taken Beyond the Normal Maximum
    • Transferring to Honours

Academic Honours

  • Scholarships and Merit Awards
  • Faculty of Arts Sessional Academic Achievement List
  • Graduating Honours
  • Honours BA Degree
  • BA Degree

Academic Penalties

  • Academic Warning
  • Required Withdrawal
  • Petition to Continue Without Interruption
  • Reactivation After Required Withdrawal
  • Debarment Warning
  • Debarment
  • Petition to Continue Without Interruption
  • Reapplying After Debarment
  • Debarment Warning Remains in Effect

Policy on Academic Honesty

Petitions for Exemptions from the Regulations

  • Petitions Committee
  • Note on Grade Reappraisals
  • Right to Petition
  • Petitions Procedures
  • Initiating a Petition

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