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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – united states studies

Location: Department of Humanities, 262 Vanier College, Tel.: 416-736-5158
Program Coordinator: M. Egnal, History
Affiliated Faculty: M. Boon, English; R. Bowman, Fine Arts; B. Cothran, History; D. Drache, Political Science; M. Egnal, History; S. Forsyth, Political Science; A. Gazso, Sociology; S. M. Gennaro, Humanities; L. Gilbert, Environmental Studies; W. Gleberzon, History; M. Goodman, Sociology; L. Goldring, Sociology; L. Hae, Political Science; R. Keil, Environmental Studies; M. Ladd-Taylor, History; T. Loebel, English; A. MacLennan, Communications; M. Morbey, Education; E. Mahant, Political Science; J. Marchessault, Fine Arts; J. McCullough, Fine Arts; S. Newman, Political Science; L. Panitch, Political Science; S. Plekhanov, Political Science; C. Podruchny, History; A. Redding, English; D. Robinson, Fine Arts; L.Sanders, Humanities; E. Sabiston, English; V. Shea, Humanities; K. Stanworth, Education; M. Stein, History; I. Steinisch, History; T. Takahashi, Fine Arts; N.White, English; S. Warwick, English; D.Young, Urban Studies Program; B. Zimmerman, English; M. Zryd, Fine Arts

United States Studies is a program for anyone who wants to develop an in-depth understanding of the history and culture of Canada’s nearest neighbor.  While everyone will take an introductory and capstone course, students can choose to explore particular areas such as music, film, art, literature, history, and political science. Those enrolled will have the opportunity to investigate rock n’ roll, Hollywood cinema, African-American history, the novels of Hemingway and Steinbeck, and congressional politics. Students will learn new approaches and discover how to bring together material from different fields.

Why choose this program?

The study of the United States sheds light on a nation that has had a great impact on Canadian development, global politics and many fields of culture.

The program brings together many disciplines and provides new approaches to the analysis of diverse materials.