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Categories of Admission

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There are several ways to achieve your academic goals at York. Different categories of admission are described below. In order to be considered for admission, you must meet the prerequisite(s) and minimum average requirements of the program(s) to which you apply. Requirements vary by program and admission is not guaranteed. For details, visit

Undergraduate Degree

Individuals with appropriate preparation may apply for admission to an undergraduate degree program at York. Undergraduate direct-entry degrees include the bachelor of administrative studies, bachelor of arts, international bachelor of arts, bachelor of business administration, international bachelor of business administration, bachelor of design, bachelor of disaster and emergency management, bachelor of engineering, bachelor in environmental studies, bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of health studies, bachelor of human resources management, bachelor of public administration, bachelor of science and international bachelor of science.

The juris doctor program (JD) requires previous postsecondary studies.

The bachelor of science in nursing, bachelor of education and bachelor of social work are offered as both direct-entry degree programs and as ones which require previous postsecondary studies.

Joint Undergraduate Degree/Diploma

York students have the opportunity to combine a university degree program with a diploma/certificate program at a college of applied arts and technology in a variety of areas. Students can only apply in upper years and enrolment is very limited. Visit for details.

Undergraduate Certificates

Individuals with appropriate preparation may apply for admission to complete an undergraduate certificate. Certificate programs develop professional expertise or skills in specific fields. Certificates are normally completed at the same time as a degree program, although some certificates can be done on their own. Visit for details.

Visiting Students

York will consider for admission individuals who wish to take credit courses, but who do not intend to complete a degree or a certificate at York. Visiting students are individuals who already hold an undergraduate degree (three-year bachelor’s degree minimum) or are currently attending another recognized university and wish to take York courses on a letter of permission issued by their home institution, or do not hold an undergraduate degree but want to enrol in York courses to fulfill the academic, upgrading or professional development requirements of a professional designation or are applying to the RN to MScN Alternate Admission program. Visit for details.

Provisional Students

In very exceptional circumstances, York will admit an individual on a provisional basis, for a maximum of one academic year (normally in anticipation of admission as a degree candidate). Provisional status is granted at the discretion of the University and on the basis of compelling evidence of an applicant’s ability to complete the requirements for a degree or certificate.