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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Social Work

Location: School of Social Work, South 880 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-5226, Fax: 416-650-3861
Director: B. Heron
Undergraduate Program Director: Atsuko Matsuoka
Field Education Manager: V. Sandher
Professors: W. Hayden Jr, S. McGrath, A. Rossiter, K. Swift, N. Razack
Professor Emeritus: R. Mishra
Associate Professors: U. Anucha, A. Daley, B. Heron, L. Good Gingrich, J.G. MacDonald, S. Maiter, A. Matsuoka, W. McKeen, N. Mule, A. O’Connell, M. Poon, Y.R. Wong
Associate Professors Emeriti: P.M. Evans, D.C. Herberg, S.E. Joel, B. Kitchen
Assistant Professors: H. Badwall, C. Chapman, M. Liegghio
Sessional Assistant Professors: T. LaRose

There are two points of admission to the bachelor of social work (BSW) degree: 1) direct entry and 2) post degree. The Bachelor of Social Work program prepares students for professional social work. Successful practice experience is an essential requirement in the social work degree program. The 700-hour practicum, AP/SOWK 4000 6.00 and AP/SOWK 4001 6.00 consists of a field work component in an approved social work setting arranged by the school. Successful completion of the practicum includes the integrative seminar component. The practicum courses are graded as “credit/no credit.”

Note: AP/SOWK 4000 6.00 and AP/SOWK 4001 6.00 are exempt from the Senate Policy on Repeating Courses for Academic Credit. Students may only repeat AP/SOWK 4000 6.00 and AP/SOWK 4001 6.00 with permission of the school. Please refer to Senate policy for repeating of passed and failed courses at