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Lassonde (LE) – Mechanical ENGINEERING

Location: 425 Life Sciences Building, Tel.: 416-736-5901
Undergraduate/Graduate Office: 425 Life Sciences Building, Tel.: 416-736-5901
Acting Chair: N. Cercone
Professor: A. Amirfazli
Associate Professors: S. Leung, P. Rezai

Offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering begins from the position that acquiring a breadth of knowledge across the discipline is critical to a fundamental knowledge base that will propel life-long learning. The Mechanical Engineering curriculum focuses on exciting applications such as kinematics, thermodynamics, solid mechanics, materials science, heat transfer, principles of design, and fluid mechanics to a wide array of systems and subsystems found in various machineries and devices or living organisms in economic and industrial sectors.  Areas involved in the creative development of medical devices, auto industry, aerospace, electronics packaging, manufacturing, shipping, transportation, energy production and usage, mechanics of human body and living organisms, mechatronics, nanotechnology, robotics, microsystems, sustainable building systems, control and industrial simulators, and rehabilitation technology to name a few. Graduates from our Mechanical Engineering program can expect to find employment in any of the above areas as well as related certification, inspection, maintenance, implementation and life-cycle management functions.