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Health (HH) – Health Management

Location: School of Health Policy and Management, 424 Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building, Tel.: 416-736-5157, Fax: 416-736-5227, E-mail:
Chair of School: E. Schraa [amended August 5, 2014]
Undergraduate Program Director: C. El Morr
Professors: J. Lexchin, D. Raphael, M. Rioux
Associate Professors: F. Ahmad, T.J. Daly, S. Dinca-Panaitescu, L. Ginsburg, N.D. Halifax, L. Lum, G. Reaume, P. Tsasis, M. Wiktorowicz
Assistant Professors: C. El Morr  R. Gorman, E. Schraa, H. Wong

The Health Studies program explores how and why our health care system must continually renew itself and develops students’ understanding and analytics skills to support them in becoming future leaders with vision and innovative edge. The School of Health Policy and Management offers a broad perspective on all aspects of the health care system and fosters an understanding of how the broad determinants of health such as income and ethnicity, influence the health of Canadians. Learning takes place not only in classroom settings but also through field placements. The faculty in the school are internationally recognized for their research and teaching.

Constructed around a core public administration curriculum and state-of-the-art health management courses, this program prepares you to participate in shaping complex, multidisciplinary health care programs and enterprises within a variety of community-based and institutional (e.g. hospital, emergency department and nursing home) contexts.

In the Health Management program students will take courses in organizational behaviour, health services management, healthcare quality and safety, health system performance, information management systems, as well as health care leadership and decision making. Through these and other courses, students will develop the breadth of understanding and skill that will prepare them for a variety of rewarding and challenging careers in health management.

The School of Health Policy and Management offers an Honours BHS program in Health Studies and Specialized Honours BHS degrees in Health Management, Health Policy and Health Informatics. Also available are Honours Minor programs in Health Management,  Health Informatics and Health Policy and a Cross-Disciplinary Undergraduate Certificate in Health Informatics as well as a Professional Certificate in Health Services Financial Management.