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Science (SC) – International Bachelor of Science (iBSc)


The degree builds on the established strengths of the Honours programs, and combines them with BSc non-science requirements and other required courses outside the major, most of which will be taken in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, and a mandatory period of study abroad. The program requires students to acquire an international language and to gain international experience on exchange at one of York University’s partner institutions abroad.

The principal components will be the following:

International Bachelor of Science (Honours)

  • a total of 120 credits;
  • 30 required credits outside the major, consisting of:
    • a minimum of 12 credits of language study in one of the languages offered at York University;
    • a minimum of 12 credits of non-science international content courses;
    • an additional six credits of language study or non-science international component courses for a total of 30 credits;
  • one or two exchange terms abroad as a full-time student at an institution with which York has a formal exchange agreement.

Language Study

Each student will choose a modern language of study as an integral part of the program. The languages are those offered at York University. No prior knowledge of the language is necessary. All entering students will be given a placement test by the Department of Languages, Literature and Linguistics to determine their appropriate course entry level. All students must successfully complete at least the second university-level course in their chosen language. If entering students are placed in a course above the 1000 level, they must successfully complete 12 credits in that language; if students have a very high level of competence in the language, so that there are not 12 credits which they can do, i.e. the students are placed in the 4000 level, they must successfully complete the six credits in that language and the remaining credits of another language. If entering students already have a second-language competency in one of the designated program languages, they must select an additional language.

Students intending to study abroad in a language other than English should also get an assessment of their language ability from a member of the Department of Languages, Literature and Linguistics. Students whose language ability is deemed insufficient for exchange may do their exchange in an English-speaking country or take courses taught in English at a university where English is not the principal language of instruction.

International Exchange (Mandatory)

Every student is required to spend at least one full term abroad at one of York University’s exchange partners. While on exchange, students must carry a full-time course load. The exchange should take place during the student’s second or third year, depending on the requirements of the specific program, and/or the student’s language capacity.

International Content Courses

Sample list of relevant country, region and thematic courses:

East Asia

AP/GEOG 1000 6.00
AP/HIST 1030 6.00
AP/HIST 2710 6.00
AP/HIST 3760 6.00
AP/HUMA 1400 9.00
AP/HUMA 2420 9.00
AP/POLS 2930 6.00
AP/POLS 3510 3.00
AP/POLS 3515 3.00


AP/GER 3790 6.00
AP/HIST 2300 6.00
AP/HIST 3355 6.00
AP/HIST 3391 6.00
AP/HUMA 2195 9.00
AP/POLS 2930 6.00
AP/POLS 3520 3.00
AP/RU 3770 6.00

Latin America

AP/HIST 2720 6.00
AP/HIST 3731 6.00
AP/POLS 2930 6.00
AP/POLS 3553 6.00



AP/ANTH 3190 3.00
AP/ANTH 3200 3.00
AP/SOSC 2102 3.00


AP/SOSC 1731 9.00
AP/SOSC 2730 6.00
AP/SOSC 3730 6.00


  1. This list indicates types of courses that will fulfill the requirement for courses that focus on a particular country or region or a particular theme. Other relevant courses, including those offered at the Faculties of Environmental Studies, Fine Arts and Glendon, will also be acceptable.
  2. In order to also meet the non-science requirement in the iBSc, courses must be chosen from two different disciplines, i.e. for a focus on Latin America, take at least one history course and at least one political science course.

The following program is available:

International Bachelor of Science (iBSc)

Biology - Specialized Honours, Honours Major, Honours Major/Minor (the Honours Major and Honours Major/Minor include the biomedical science stream) - refer to biology in the Programs of Study section.

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