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Science – Biophysics


This is an interdisciplinary Specialized Honours program, offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, requiring coursework and practical experience in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. The focus of the program is on applying laws and methods of physics to understand biological processes.

The program core (73 credits) is defined as:

Specialized Honours Program

A. General education:

B. Major requirements:

  • the program core (73 credits)

Additional courses:

C. Science breadth: satisfied by above requirements.

D. Upper level requirements: at least 42 credits at the 3000 or higher level, including at least 12 major credits at the 4000 level.

E. Additional elective credits, as required for an overall total of at least 120 credits.

F. Standing requirements: to graduate in an Honours program requires successful completion of all Faculty requirements and departmental required courses, and a minimum cumulative credit-weighted grade point average of 5.00 (C+) over all courses completed.

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