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Note: in addition to the following information on the BEd program and Glendon, full statements on the Faculty of Education appear in the Faculty of Education section.

Bachelor of Education (French), Glendon Campus

The Faculty of Education offers a Bachelor of Education program on the Glendon Campus specifically for future immersion, extended, and core French teachers at the primary/junior, junior/intermediate, and intermediate/senior levels. Generally this is pursued as a full-time concurrent program for students co-registered in a Bachelor of Arts (BA) program. It is possible to pursue the program on a consecutive part-time basis as well.

The program places considerable emphasis on ensuring excellent French language proficiency and a deep understanding of francophone cultures. To support these objectives, approximately 2/3 of the education courses are taught in French, there are practicum opportunities in French immersion classrooms, and students are encouraged to major or minor in French Studies within their BA degree. This program offers a direct-entry option for students coming directly from an Ontario high school and a THIRD-year entry for students who have completed two years of university studies. Some Education courses may be taught at the Keele Campus.

Bachelor of Education, Keele Campus

The Faculty of Education offers concurrent Bachelor of Education degree programs on the Keele campus for students simultaneously enrolled in other undergraduate Faculties, including Glendon. These programs do not have a
specific focus on French teaching. The Faculty also offers a full- and part-time consecutive Bachelor of Education degree at the Keele Campus and several off-campus sites for prospective teachers who have already graduated or are about to complete an undergraduate degree in another discipline.

Students interested in the Concurrent or Consecutive BEd programs will find complete information on eligibility, procedures, standards and other relevant matters in the Faculty of Education section.

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