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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Writing Department

Locations: S329 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-5134
118 Atkinson Building
Chair: R. Sheese
Undergraduate Program Director: D. O’Neill
Associate Professors: L. Sanders, R. Sheese
Assistant Professor: R. Woodhouse
Special Assistant Professors: J. Bell, J. Blazina, B. Lowinksy, A. Marquez, B. McComb, P. Rozendal, J. Shafer
Senior Lecturer: J. Rehner, J. Spencer
Associate Lecturers: T. Greenwald, D. O’Neill

The Writing Department offers courses within a Professional Writing degree program as well as a variety of other credit courses which may be taken to help students develop their research and writing skills, both academic and professional. The department is also the home of the Writing Centre, which provides one-to-one and non-credit group instruction as described below.

Writing Centre

The Writing Department’s Writing Centre provides students with one-to-one and group instruction designed to assist students to become effective independent writers both in their academic life and beyond. Instruction, both individual and group, is based on students' course assignments, usually on the draft of an essay, or other writing assignment, in progress. All Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies students, at any stage of a particular course assignment, are welcome to make appointments and take advantage of the opportunity to work on their writing with one of the centre's experienced faculty. Some students in other Faculties also may use the centre (information available on the Writing Department website). Appointments are for 50 minutes and are available in the day Monday through Saturday as well as evenings Monday through Thursday. The centre also regularly offers group workshops on various issues and skills related to writing effectively in university. For more information, contact the Writing Department at 416-736-5134.