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Location: Keele campus, 128 Winters College, Tel.: 416-736-5001
Administrative Officers: A. Pitt, Dean; L. Martin, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs); T. Shanahan, Associate Dean (Research and Professional Development); S. Schecter, Director, Graduate Program in Education
Professors: S. Alsop, P. Axelrod, J. Bell, D. Britzman (Distinguished Research Professor), D. Dippo, A. Griffith, C. Haig-Brown, C. James, J. Jenson, D. Khayatt, H. Lotherington, S. Murphy, R. Owston, A. Pitt, S. Schecter, S. Shapson, C.A. Wien
Professors Emeriti: G. Bunch, C. Ewoldt, L. Heshusius, M. Hughes, M. McCarthy, S. Robbins
Associate Professors: C. Brushwood-Rose, W. Crichlow, S. Dion, N. Dlamini, R. Dunlop, E. Fine, S. Gaetz, J. Gilbert, N. Israelite, I. Killoran, K. Krasny, J. Lynch, J. Mannette, M. Marcuzzi, L. Martin, C. Mayer, P. Millet, M. Morbey, N. Norquay, M. Di Paolantonio, R. Sanaoui, T. Shanahan, J. Sheridan, K. Stanworth, D. Yon, Q. Zha
Associate Professor Emeritus: S. Eden, O. Fullerton, G. Orpwood, H. Smaller
Assistant Professors: K. Barkaoui, S. Barrett, R. Desai-Trilokekar, L. Farley, J. Ippolito, A. Mishra-Tarc, M. Peguret, B.J. Richmond, S. Winton, L. Wiseman
Assistant Professor Emeritus: D. Mason

Host School Boards

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
Durham District School Board
Durham Catholic District School Board
Halton District School Board
Halton Catholic District School Board
Peel District School Board
Simcoe County District School Board
Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board
Toronto Catholic District School Board
Toronto District School Board
York Region District School Board
York Catholic District School Board
Centre for Jewish Education

Course Numbering

Letter prefixes are used in each course to identify the Faculty of Education (ED) and the subject area of the course (PRJM - primary/junior math; VISA - visual arts). A typical course number reads as follows ED/PRJM 3031 3.00 - Teaching Mathematics in the Primary/Junior Divisions.

Note: the Faculty reserves the right not to offer courses in particular sessions without advance notice.