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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – South Asian Studies

Location: 322 Founders College, Tel.: 416-736-2100, ext. 20260
Program Coordinator: S. Nijhawan, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Affiliated Faculty: T.  Abdullah, History; V. Agnew, Social Science; M. Anam, Economics; P.S. Aulakh, Schulich; H. Bannerji, Sociology/Equity Studies; M. Blincow, Anthropology; S. Chawla, Sociology; R. Das, Geography; T. Das Gupta, Sociology/Equity Studies; E. Dua, Women’s Studies/Equity Studies; J. Goulding, Social Science; S. Gururani, Anthropology; F. Handy, Environmental Studies; E. Haque, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics/Equity Studies; Z. Hirji, Anthropology; I. Kapoor, Environmental Studies; A. Kazimi, Film/Fine Arts; R. Mongia, Sociology; A. Mukherjee, English; A. Mukherjee-Reed, Political Science; M. Nijhawan, Sociology; S. Nijhawan, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; P. Penz, Environmental Studies; F. Quadir, Social Science/International Development Studies; I. Rajagopal, Social Science; D. Reed, Social Science; T. Sankaran, Fine Arts/Music; H. Singh, Sociology; I. Smith, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; S. Viswanathan, Music/Fine Arts

South Asian studies is offered as an Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA program and Honours Minor BA program that can be pursued jointly with another Honours BA program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. A Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in South Asian Studies is also available.

Students interested in South Asian studies should first explore the program website which has the most up-to-date information on the program. The website also gives students an overview of how specialized knowledge of South Asia can enhance specific career paths in fields as diverse as business, policymaking, development, humanities or fine arts.

The two main foci of the program are the South Asian region as well as its diaspora. Through a wide range of courses from different disciplines like anthropology, sociology, history, political science, and languages, the program aims to foster a deeper understanding of the South Asian region as an entirety, as well as the range of issues that concern the South Asian diaspora. Given that contemporary South Asia has emerged as a major world force faced with unprecedented social and political changes, the program offers grounded and expert analyses of challenges that face the region. Importantly, the program engages with the contemporary South Asian diaspora, which has become a significant and powerful presence in Canada and elsewhere.

In addition to an introductory core course and a 4000-level capstone course, students in the program are required to complete a specified number of credits in the following areas of concentration: history and state formations; and, gender, society and culture (including diasporic issues). The program also allows students to substitute specific courses which may be of interest to them - but prior approval of the program coordinator is required. For specific program requirements and the list of program courses, please consult the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Programs of Study section.