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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Sociology

Location: 2060 Vari Hall, Tel.: 416-736-5015
Chair: N. Mandell
Undergraduate Program Director: L. Lam
Distinguished Research Professor: P. Armstrong, J. O’Neill
Professors: H. Bannerji, M. Beare, T. Das Gupta, J.P. Grayson, B. Hanson, R. Lenton, N. Mandell, L. Weir
Associate Professors: K. Anderson, K. Bischoping, D. Brock, R. Cohen, S. Cavanagh, L. Erwin, A. Gaszo, J. Gibbons, L. Goldring, A. Gosine, R. Hadj-Moussa, R. Kenedy, F. Kurasawa, L. Lam, P. Landstreet, A. Martin, E. Mykhalovskiy, R. Mongia, C. Murdocca, M. Nijhawan, M.D. Ornstein, A. Propper, H.O. Park, N. Pupo, K. Robson, H. Singh, P. Stewart, M. Thomas, P. Walsh, L. Wood
Assistant Professors: J. Allen, D. Davidson, M. Goodman, A. Kim, G. Man, Z. Newman, R. Ricciardelli, G. Stalker, D. Toews
Professors Emeriti: A.M. Ambert, P. Anisef, B. Blishen, A. Blum, S. Chawla, J.G. Craig, A.G. Darroch, L. Davids, F. Elkin, D. Ellis, B.S.R. Green, C.J. Jansen, C.M. Lanphier, S.A. Longstaff, L. Marsden, T. McCormack, J.C. Moore, V.V. Murray, J. Newson, C. Nichols, J. O'Neill, J.G. Paasche, J. Porter, A.H. Richmond, C. Romalis, A. Simmons, A. Turrittin

Sociology is an exciting and dynamic field of study that seeks to analyze and account for key moments in our personal lives, communities and our world. Discover what makes us tick as individuals and as a society by exploring social relations, interactions and various power dynamics. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of how human action and consciousness shape and are shaped by surrounding cultural and social structures. The student will develop networks and connect with professionals in the field through an array of community projects. Members of the Department of Sociology teach using a wide range of materials and explore many perspectives on society in general and on Canadian society in particular. Social criticism through theory development, research and teaching are an essential element of our vocation.

Sociology majors methodically learn to study people and the roles they play in society, as individuals and in groups. Among the vast range of topics that sociology explores, a few taught in our department are: race and racism, crime and social regulation, social policy, work and labour, gender, Canadian society, immigration, education, health and healthcare, social organizations, culture, poverty, social interaction, socialization and criminal justice systems.

For specific program requirements, please consult the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Programs of Study section.

Not all of the courses listed will necessarily be offered in any given year. For details of courses to be offered, please consult the sociology supplemental calendar.

Note for Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies students: for all 4000-level sociology courses, students must have successfully completed at least 84 credits. However, pending availability of spaces, third-year Honours (sociology majors/minors) students who have successfully completed at least 78 credits who are also taking summer courses may be given permission to enrol.

Sociology is offered by the Faculties of Glendon and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.