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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Religious Studies

Location: 210 Vanier College, Tel.: 416-736-5910
Program Coordinator: A. Buturovic, Humanities
Affiliated Faculty: T. Abdullah, History; M. Brown, Humanities/Languages; A. Buturovic, Humanities; T. Chartrand-Burke, Humanities; M. Clark, Humanities; E. Costa, DLLL; M. Derayeh; Humanities; A. Druston, History; C.S. Ehrlich, Humanities; M. Fichman, Humanities; S. Ford, Humanities; M. Gewurtz, Humanities; J. Gibson, Humanities; A. Goldberg, Humanities; T. Goossen, Humanities; P. Gray, Humanities; P. Harland, Humanities; Z. Hirji, Anthropology; S. Horowitz, Humanities/Languages; D. Johnson, Philosophy; R. Kana’an, Humanities; R. Koopmans, History; E. Lawee, Humanities; B. Lee, Humanities/Women’s Studies; M. Lockshin, Humanities/Languages; M. Maidman, History; D. Mazzeo, International Studies (Glendon); J. Nagata, Anthropology; S. Schoenfeld, Sociology (Glendon); J. Scott, Humanities; G.Shen, Humanities; P. Taylor, Humanities; R. Tordoff, Humanities; A. Turner, Humanities; S. Tweyman, Humanities/Philosophy; J. Van Esterik, Anthropology; P. Van Esterik, Anthropology; M. Webber, Humanities/Languages; K. Weiser, Humanities; W. Westfall, History; B. Wilson, Humanities; S. Zecevic, Humanities

Religious experience is an indispensable key to the understanding of human behaviour and thought. The Religious Studies program invites students to join in current scholarly efforts to study, analyze and understand different forms of religious experience from a number of disciplinary perspectives. In the core course, students will learn how to use various analytical methods to explore the rich variety of the world’s religious traditions. They may then, if they wish, concentrate on one religious tradition (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism etc.) or they may take a comparative approach. Students are expected to acquire breadth both in disciplinary approach and in subject matter. Religious studies emphasizes personal contact between its majors and the faculty participating in the program.