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Science and Engineering (SC) – Natural Science

Location: 218 Bethune College, Tel.: 416-736-5021
Director of the Division: P.A. Delaney
Professors: S. Bhadra, M. De Robertis, P. Dymond, R.A. Jarrell, M. Jenkin, W. Pietro
Associate Professors: R. Campeanu, M. Daly, P. Hall, E. Hamm, E. Jones-Imhotep, K. Kroker, G. Monette, B. Quine, Z. Stachniak
Associate Professor Emeritus: S. Jeffers
Assistant Professors: A. Donini, D. Durant, R.A. Dyer, J. Saindon
Associate Lecturer: N. Smith
Assistant Lecturers: M.H. Armour, B. Czaban, D. Lungu, A. Mills

Faculty of Science and Engineering Courses in Natural Science

The natural science courses are designed, as part of the BA and iBA general education program, to acquaint those students not intending to be professionally concerned with science with the outlook, methods and some of the achievements of science. The individual courses offered approach this objective by selecting a particular area, problem or aspect of science in which the operations of the scientific enterprise can be studied in some detail. In an increasingly technologically-oriented world, it is very important that all students have some familiarity with science to enable them to make more information choices and decisions that relate to themselves and society as a whole.

The courses may be broadly classified into four areas, within which and between some overlap occurs, resulting in course credit exclusions as noted. However, in certain circumstances, such exclusions are petitionable. Courses may have laboratory or tutorial sessions associated with them. The four categories are as follows:

a) History and philosophy of science and technology: SC/NATS 1700 6.00, SC/NATS 1730 6.00, SC/NATS 1745 6.00, SC/NATS 1760 6.00, SC/NATS 1775 6.00, SC/NATS 1850 6.00;

b) Biological science: SC/NATS 1610 6.00, SC/NATS 1650 6.00, SC/NATS 1660 6.00, SC/NATS 1670 6.00, SC/NATS 1675 6.00, SC/NATS 1680 6.00, SC/NATS 1690 6.00, SC/NATS 1850 6.00;

c) Environmental science: SC/NATS 1840 6.00;

d) Physical science: SC/NATS 1720 6.00, SC/NATS 1740 6.00, SC/NATS 1750 6.00, SC/NATS 1780 6.00, SC/NATS 1790 6.00, SC/NATS 1810 6.00, SC/NATS 1820 6.00, SC/NATS 1870 6.00, SC/NATS 1880 6.00, SC/NATS 1910 6.00.

The natural science courses are intended primarily for non-science majors. Courses in biology, chemistry, earth and atmospheric science, physics and astronomy and other science disciplines are described elsewhere in this section of the Undergraduate Calendar. Those courses are available, subject to prerequisites, as electives to students in the Faculties of Fine Arts and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. Six credits from 1000-level courses offered by the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Physics and Astronomy, will satisfy the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies natural science general education requirement.

Grading procedure. Grades will be assigned in the manner described by the Faculty of Science and Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Engineering Regulations Governing Examinations and Academic Standards section of this publication.

Natural science is offered by the Faculties of Glendon and Science and Engineering.