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Health (HH) – Kinesiology and Health Science

Location: 341 Norman Bethune College, Tel.: 416-736-5807, Fax: 416-736-5774, E-mail:
Sport and Recreation: Tait McKenzie Centre, Tel.: 416-736-5982
Chair of School: A. Belcastro
Undergraduate Program Director: C. Wilson
Graduate Program Director: M. Riddell
Director of Sport and Recreation: J. Myers
Tier One Canada Research Chair: D. Hood
Professors: C. Davis, D. Hood, G. Wu
University Professor Emeriti: S.G. Robbins
Professors Emeriti: T.O. Bompa, E. Cafarelli, D. Chambers, B. Fowler, N. Gledhill
Associate Professors: G. Abdel-Shehid, O. Adegoke, C.I. Ardern, J. Baker, R. Ceddia, M. Connor, D.A. Crawford, M. Fallah, L. Gagliese, W.H. Gage, S. Grace, T. Haas, M.J. Hamadeh, D. Henriques, A. Macpherson, M. Riddell, P. Ritvo, P. Safai, L. Sergio, H. Tamim, S. Vail
Associate Professors Emeriti: F. Cosentino, T. Duck, K. Jones, R. Kelton, G. Malszecki, M. van der Merwe, V.E. Wilson
Assistant Professors: O. Birot, J. Drake, F. Flint, J. Fraser-Thomas, V. Jamnik, J. Kuk, A. Moore, Y. Nakamura, M. Rotondi, A. Scime
Senior Lecturers: W. Dyba, M. Mosher, C. Wilson
Senior Lecturers Emeriti: R. Bain, M. Lyons, T. Zivic
Associate Lecturers: N. Bajin, H. Humana, N. Smith
Associate Lecturers Emeriti: T. Bomba, P. Murray, E. Willis

The School of Kinesiology and Health Science has a curriculum which presents broad and flexible offerings to the student. All students take a core of required subject matter encompassing the major areas of emphasis in kinesiology and health science. The core academic required courses include anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness and health, nutrition, physiology, psychology of physical activity, research methods and statistics, and sociocultural perspectives. Students may choose from a variety of elective courses to develop a highly specialized area of interest or to obtain a more general and broad program. The school attaches laboratories, field work and seminars to many of its courses, thereby coupling theory and technical knowledge with applied experiences and providing students with a greater opportunity for exchange and discussion with each other, with teachers and with experts in the area. The school offers two specialized certifications in the areas of athletic therapy, and fitness assessment and exercise counselling.

A physical activity skills “practicum” program is an integral part of the undergraduate program in Kinesiology and Health Science. Students take one practicum course in each of the following six areas: dance/gymnastics, aquatics, team sports, individual and dual sports, track and field, and emergency care, and complete their requirements from the large variety of practicum courses offered.

For specific program requirements please consult the Faculty of Health Programs of Study section.

Courses in Kinesiology and Health Science

Academic courses in kinesiology and health science offered by the School of Kinesiology and Health Science have the prefix “KINE”. Practicum courses have the prefix “PKIN”.

4000-Level Courses

Note: only students with Honours standing may register in 4000-level kinesiology and health science courses.