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Health (HH) – Health Informatics

Location: School of Health Policy and Management, 424 Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building, Tel.: 416-736-5157, Fax: 416-736-5227, E-mail:
Chair of School: M. Wiktorowicz
Undergraduate Program Director: S. Dinca-Panaitescu
Professors: J. Lexchin, D. Raphael, M. Rioux
Associate Professors: S. Dinca-Panaitescu, L. Ginsburg, L. Lum, G. Reaume, P. Tsasis, M. Wiktorowicz
Assistant Professors: F. Ahmad, T.J. Daly, R. Gorman, N.D. Halifax, E. Schraa

The School of Health Policy and Management offers a broad perspective and teaches about all aspects of the health care system as well as about other factors, such as wealth and ethnicity, that influence the health of Canadians. Learning takes place not only in classroom settings but also through field placements. The faculty in the school are internationally recognized for their research and teaching.

Information technology is increasingly used in the management and administration of health care systems. From the electronic storage of patient records to the collection and analysis of health information, the use of electronic information is an increasingly important tool for modern practitioners and administrators.

In the Health Informatics program, students will gain specialized knowledge in the acquisition and application of research, analysis, and system design within the context of health care decision-making, resource allocation and program evaluation.

The School of Health Policy and Management also offers an Honours program in Health Studies and Specialized Honours BHS degrees and Honours Minor programs in Health Management and Health Policy.