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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Geography

Location: N430 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-5107
Chair: L. Lo
Undergraduate Program Director: A. Robert
Professors: Q. Cheng, J. Hyndman, L.Lo, J. Mensah, V.A. Preston, P. Wood, K.L. Young
Associate Professors: A. Bain, R. Basu, R.L. Bello, R. Das, T. Drezner,  W. Jenkins, P. Kelly,  T. Remmel, A. Robert, R. Roth, S. Tufts, P. Vandergeest
Assistant Professors: U. Best, L. Code, B. Erickson, G. Hong, E. Lunstrum, S. Tank 
Professors Emeriti: W. Mahaney, G. Norcliffe, J. Radford, D. Wood

Geography is concerned with the interrelationships among the earth’s physical and human environments. Geographers study climate change, resource depletion, human migration, globalization, geopolitics, poverty, inequality and vulnerability – their causes, consequences and implications on urban and regional development. We ask questions about how environmental, economic, social, political and cultural processes shape how the world functions or fails to function. These concerns take us from the local neighbourhoods in Toronto to Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Canadian Arctic and the Arizona desert. Our courses are divided into seven themes, each of which include regional and systematic courses:

  • The City;
  • Globalization, Environment and Development;
  • Production and the Politics of Difference;
  • State, Empire and Power;
  • Extreme Environments;
  • Biophysical Processes and
  • Geoinformatics.

Students are exposed to the breadth of geography in Years 1 and 2 and encouraged to specialize in one or more of these themes in Years 3 and 4.

For specific Honours BA and BA program requirements please consult the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Programs of Study section. For specific Honours BSc and BSc program requirements please consult the Faculty of Science and Engineering Programs of Study section.

The department also offers a Specialized Honours BA in geography and urban studies. For details, please consult the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Programs of Study section.

Courses in Geography

Prerequisites: the specific course prerequisites listed for geography courses in this Undergraduate Calendar are intended to ensure that students do not unwittingly enrol in courses for which they have inadequate preparation. In some cases, students lacking the stated course prerequisite(s) may be permitted to enrol in the course by written permission of the course director.

Geography is offered by the Faculties of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and Science and Engineering.