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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – European Studies

Location: 262 Vanier College, Tel.: 416-736-2100, ext. 33234
Program Coordinator: M. Reisenleitner, Humanities
Affiliated Faculty: I. Balfour, English; G. Colussi Arthur, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; D. Freake, Humanities; S. Ingram, Humanities; G. Mueller, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; S. Plekhanov, Political Science; M. Reisenleitner, Humanities; A. Shubert, History, D. Spokiene, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; M. Webber, Humanities/Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; D. Winland, Anthropology

Students can double major or minor in European studies and an Honours BA program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. In European studies students learn to approach the study of Europe from an intercultural perspective and with an interdisciplinary approach. We define Europe as broadly as possible to include Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, Southeastern Europe, Russia and Turkey, as well as Western Europe. Our program encourages students to consider European developments over a broad chronological sweep from the Middle Ages onwards and attaches equal importance to both humanities and social science disciplines. In consultation with the program coordinator, students design a program of study which meets their own particular interests by choosing from among the wide variety of courses offered at York. Where curricular resources suffice, students completing a major or a minor in European studies may focus on one of the following national streams: France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Russia or Spain. (Other areas, such as Scandinavia, may be possible by means of study abroad or a letter of permission.) By successfully completing 18 credits within such a stream, students qualify for a sub-specialization which will be noted accordingly on the diploma and transcript. For example, a student might graduate in political science and European studies (Focus: Greece) or Italian and European studies (Focus: Italy), economics and European studies (Focus: Portugal), or history and European studies (Focus: Spain). Courses in the focus area may include language courses pertaining to the area of focus. Students who choose not to focus on a particular stream would graduate with a degree in European studies.