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Glendon (GL) – English

Location: C221 York Hall, Tel.: 416-487-6713
Chair: I. Djordjevic
Professors: P.M. Ondaatje, C.D. Zimmerman
Associate Professors: M.C. Davidson, I. Djordjevic, C. Fraser, A.M. Hutchison, M. Macaulay, I. Martin, B. Morgan
Senior Scholars: J.D. Benson, D.J. Clipsham, A.M. Mandel, R.S. Wallace

Students are strongly advised to consult the departmental mini-calendar as courses change from year to year. All essays and exams in English courses must be written in English unless permission to write in French has been given by the course director.

English is offered by the Faculties of Glendon and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.