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Science and Engineering (SC) – Engineering

Location: 1012M Lassonde Building, 416-650-8215
Associate Dean: R. Hornsey
Professor Emeritus: K.D. Aldridge
Professors: N.J. Cercone, R. Hornsey, M.R.M. Jenkin, S.R. Menary, J. Ostroff, S.D. Pagiatakis, W. Stuerzlinger
Associate Professors: M. Aboelaze, R. Allison, C. Armenakis, A. Asif, S. Bisnath, A. Eckford, J. Elder, B. Hu, H. Jiang, U.T. Nguyen, B.M. Quine, J. Shan, M. Spetsakis, A.M.K. Szeto, N. Vlajic, J.A. Whiteway, Z.H. Zhu
Assistant Professors: R.S.K. Lee, Y.L. Lin, B. Ma, G. Sohn
Associate Lecturers: H. Chesser, J.G. Wang

The School of Engineering within the Faculty of Science and Engineering offers an Honours bachelor of applied science (BASc Honours) degree in engineering. After completion of a common first-year program, students will choose one of four available programs: computer engineering, geomatics engineering, software engineering or space engineering.