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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Economics

Location: 1144 Vari Hall, Tel.: 416-736-5322, Fax: 416-736-5987
Chair: J.B. Smith
Undergraduate Program Director: TBA
Graduate Program Director: J. Jasiak
University Professor: G. Fallis, B. Spotton Visano
Professors: M. Anam, E. Appelbaum, S. Bucovetsky, S.H. Chiang, A.J. Cohen, J. Jasiak, J. Landa, K.C. Lo, A. Mansoorian, P. Rilstone, J.B. Smith, J. Smithin
Associate Professors: A. Adamopoulos, A. Akyol, J. Beare, N. Buckley, B. Esteve-Volart, I. Ferrara, G. Georgopoulos, R. Grinspun, W.M. Ho, N. Jazairi, A. Kimakova, Y. Kong, N. Lagerloef, R. Latham, F. Lazar, B. Lebrun, X. Li, A. Lileeva, R. Sufana, H. Tam
Assistant Professors: B.D. Abner, M. Brzozowski, S. Maitra, A. Podhorsky, A. Semenov, X. Song, A. Stoyanov, A. Wilczynski
Professors Emeriti: L. Anderson, K. Carpenter, M.D.G. Copeland, H. Drost, G.E. Eaton, S. Lanfranco, M.S. Marzouk, A.N. McLeod, P.G. Reinhardt

The Economics program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies introduces students to the discipline of economic thinking and equips them for intelligent appraisal of contemporary economic problems in a variety of national and international markets (product, labour, capital etc.). Economic problems arise out of the conflict between apparently limitless human demand for goods and services and a limited supply of resources for satisfying this demand. Courses in economics expose students both to the wide range of individual and social problems that arise from this conflict and to the distinctive economic approach to their solution. Economic theory provides students with the analytical framework necessary for understanding and solving economic problems. Empirical work provides a basis for improving existing theories and for distinguishing between competing theories. Graduates from the Economics program can pursue careers in business and government, graduate training in economics and professional training in business, law, public administration and other disciplines. The Economics program leads to a BA, Honours BA or Specialized Honours BA degree.

Economics is offered by the Faculties of Glendon and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.