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Science and Engineering (SC) – Earth and Atmospheric Science

Location: 102 Petrie, 416-736-5245
Chair: S.D. Pagiatakis
Distinguished Research Professors: J.C. McDonnell, G.G. Shepherd
Professors: Q. Cheng, G.T. Jarvis, I.C. McDade, T. McElroy, S.D. Pagiatakis, P.A. Taylor
Professors Emeriti: K.D. Aldridge, J.R. Miller, G.G. Shepherd
Associate Professors: C. Armenakis, S. Bisnath, M. Daly, B. Hu, M.A. Jenkins, G.P. Klaassen, B.M. Quine, J. Shan, A.M.K. Szeto, J.A. Whiteway, Z.H. Zhu
Assistant Professors: Y. Chen, R.S.K. Lee, G. Sohn
Associate Lecturers: H. Chesser, J.G. Wang

The Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering offers interdisciplinary instruction in applied science areas dealing with the solid Earth and the atmosphere.

The Earth science stream combines geophysics with the modern science of geomatics. Students obtain a strong background in geodesy and geophysics, Earth navigation, remote sensing, GIS and statistical data analyses. It is important for the Earth science student to gain practical experience working in the area of geomatics science during the summer months prior to graduation.

In the atmospheric science stream, students obtain solid grounding in the physics, chemistry and dynamics of the atmosphere.

The department offers a Specialized Honours degree stream in space science, developed to meet the needs of rapidly expanding technologies in these fields.

The course requirements of programs in Earth and Atmospheric Science are given in the Faculty of Science and Engineering Programs of Study section (for the space science stream, see separate entry in the Faculty of Science and Engineering Programs of Study section).

The department also offers certificates in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing and in Meteorology, which are described in the Faculty of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Degree and Certificate Programs section.

Courses in Earth and Atmospheric Science

The prerequisites and corequisites stated indicate the standard of preparation with which admission is usually automatic. Admission to any course should otherwise be determined in consultation with a program adviser.