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Fine Arts (FA) – Design

Department of Design, York University: 4008 Technology Enhanced Learning Building, Tel.: 416-736-5885
Chair: W. Janczak
Graduate Program Director: M. Longford (interim until June 30, 2010)
D. Cabianca (as of July 1, 2010)
Professor Emeritus: D. Newgren, A. Tomcik
Associate Professors: D. Cabianca, S. Gabriele, W. Janczak, M. Longford, A. Norwood, C-K. Peng, D. Scadding, W. Wong
Assistant Professors: J. Hadlaw, P. Sych
Department of Design, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning: A100 Sheridan-Trafalgar, Tel.: 905-845-9430, ext. 2324
Associate Dean: M. Large
Design Program Coordinator: B. Ross
Professors: B. Donnelly, A. Iarocci, M.A. Maruska, E. Naus, B. Ross, B. Tsang, D. Whitton

Program of Study

This program provides a professional graphic design education in a humanistic context. On completion of four years of study, students receive a specialized honours bachelor of design degree (BDes). The program offers a comprehensive, intensive and professional education in graphic design and a curriculum that reflects the distinct theoretical, research and practicum focus and needs of the graphic design profession. Students in the program benefit from small studio/practicum classes, design studies classes and an internship program. The design practicum courses focus on communication, information and interactive/multimedia design and time-based communication; the design studies courses provide an integrated approach to design history, research, design management and critical issues in design. This program is offered jointly by the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts at York University, and Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Students enrol in courses at both institutions.

For information on supplementary evaluation requirements and program requirements, please refer to the Faculty of Fine Arts Rules and Regulations section of this Undergraduate Calendar.