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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Communication Studies

Location: 3004 Technology Enhanced Learning Building, Tel.: 416-736-5057
Chair: D. Skinner
Undergraduate Program Director: M-L. Craven
Affiliated Faculty: A. Alhassan, M-L. Craven, B. Crow, K. Dowler, S. Driver, L. Lyons, A. MacLennan, P. Mazepa, W. Rowland, M. Ruggles, D. Skinner, A. Viseu
Emeriti Faculty: D. Kehoe

Communication studies is offered as an Honours Double Major BA program, a Specialized Honours BA program, a stand-alone Honours BA, an Honours Major/Minor program, a stand-alone Honours iBA, and Honours Double Major iBA and an Honours Major/Minor iBA. (Please note that a 90-credit BA is not offered, nor is a minor in Communication Studies available.)

The Specialized Honours BA program is a delayed-entry program; admission to the program requires that students achieve a 6.00 (B) average in AP/COMN 1000 6.00 (formerly AP/COMN 1310 9.00) and at least six other communication studies credits and a cumulative grade point average of at least 5.00 (C+). For details, please consult the department's website.

The communication studies curriculum consists of three sub-fields that are considered the main themes of the program: critical technology studies; politics and policy; and media, culture and society. The emphasis of the program is academic rather than professional or technical; the aim of the program is to produce graduates who have acquired skills in communications analysis and a synthesis of knowledge in the increasingly complex field of communications.