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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Children's Studies

Location: 209 Vanier College, Tel.: 416-736-2100, ext. 33214, E-mail:
Program Coordinator: P. Cumming, Humanities
Affiliated Faculty: A.M. Ambert, Sociology; P. Avery, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics; R. Basu, Geography; D. Beausoleil, French Studies; F. Beer, English; Y. Bohr, Psychology/Health; C. Brown, Education; C. Carpenter, Humanities; P. Cumming, Humanities; H. Doan, Psychology/Health; C. Dumont, French Studies; R. Dunlop, Education; L. Fawcett, Environmental Studies; E. Fine, Education; M. Kadar, Humanities/Cultural Studies; K. Killian, Psychology/Health; K. Krasny, Education; I. Killoran, Education; M. Ladd-Taylor, History; M. Legerstee, Psychology/Health; M.E. Manley, Dance/Fine Arts; S. Murphy, Education; A. O’Reilly, Women’s Studies; J. Page, Writing Department; D. Pepler, Psychology/Health; A. Propper, Sociology; N. Rowen, Humanities; S. Shanker, Psychology/Health; V. Shea, Humanities; C. Van Daalen-Smith, Nursing/Women’s Studies/Humanities; P. Van Esterik, Anthropology

The Children’s Studies program explores the experiences of children and adult constructions of childhood throughout time and across cultures, adopting a “childist” (child-centred) and children’s rights approach that recognizes children as subjects in their own culture. The program consists of core courses in humanities and additional child-related courses throughout the University. The program is a 120-credit, direct-entry, interdisciplinary Honours BA degree program, which also includes double major, major/minor and minor degree options.