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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Business Economics

Location: Economics, 1144 Vari Hall, Tel.: 416-736-5322, Fax: 416-736-5987
Chair: J.B. Smith
Undergraduate Program Director: TBA
University Professors: G. Fallis, B. Spotton Visano
Professors: M. Anam, E. Appelbaum, S. Bucovetsky, S.H. Chiang, A.J. Cohen, J. Jasiak, J. Landa, K.C. Lo, A. Mansoorian, P. Rilstone, J.B. Smith, J. Smithin
Associate Professors: A. Adamopoulos, A. Akyol, J. Beare, N. Buckley, B. Esteve-Volart, I. Ferrara, G. Georgopoulos, R. Grinspun, W.M. Ho, N. Jazairi, A. Kimakova, Y. Kong, N. Lagerlof, R. Latham, F. Lazar, B. Lebrun, X. Li, A. Lileeva, R. Sufana, H. Tam
Assistant Professors: B.D. Abner, M. Brzozowski, S. Maitra, A. Podhorsky, A. Semenov, X. Song, A. Stoyanov, A. Wilczynski
Professors Emeriti: L. Anderson, K. Carpenter, M.D.G. Copeland, H. Drost, G.E. Eaton, S. Lanfranco, M.S. Marzouk, A.N. McLeod, P.G. Reinhardt

The Business Economics program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies integrates aspects of economics and business studies, focusing on the use of economic analysis and statistical methods to deal effectively with management problems in practical business fields. In applying economic theory to business management, students become familiar with the analytical and decision-making techniques used in the business world and with the public and private institutional environments within which businesses operate. They gain insight into critical business topics such as strategic competition, the internal organization of firms, and international issues facing businesses in the changing global marketplace. Graduates from the Business Economics program can pursue careers in business, government and the professions. The Business Economics program leads to a BA degree.

Business economics is offered by the Faculties of Glendon and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.