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Fine Arts – Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries


Full-time and part-time students in the Faculty of Fine Arts are eligible for a variety of in-course scholarships and bursaries awarded by the Faculty. Some are available to all Faculty of Fine Arts students regardless of major; others are department-specific. Fine arts awards are offered in fall and spring of the academic year. A special notice will be posted or otherwise communicated to students in the departments to solicit applications for the relevant awards, outlining eligibility and selection criteria and the application deadline. Nominations and applications are handled by the student’s major department, which provides the necessary application forms. Awards with financial need criteria require the submission of a student financial profile application in addition to the award application.

The Faculty of Fine Arts Committee on Awards adjudicates applications and approves nominations. Departments post the names of recipients of all awards after the nominations have been duly confirmed.

In addition to department and Faculty-based awards, fine arts students are eligible for some other scholarships and bursaries that are offered University- wide. Please refer to the Student Financial Services section of this publication for additional information about scholarships, awards and bursaries available at York University.