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Education – International Specialization


Students in the Faculty of Education’s Bachelor of Education (BEd) Concurrent program are able to identify that they would like to “specialize”  in international education within the existing degree program. Students who are eligible to earn the specialization are those in the Faculty of Education’s Bachelor of Education Concurrent program and they may be studying to teach in any subject area and at any grade level.

This option responds to students’ interests in teaching in international locations after they have graduated with a BEd; it is designed to help students to develop the skills and experiences that will prepare them to teach in an international location, while also fulfilling the Ontario degree and certification requirements. The specialization may also give potential students–particularly those who are interested in teaching internationally–an additional reason to select York University for their BEd degree.

The specialization is offered within the existing concurrent BEd degree offerings and requirements, and will allow students to “package” their courses and experiences in order to take a specific focus. The specialization will include:

  1. Completion of a minimum of two internationally-focused three-credit elective courses including:

  2. Participation in at least one program-based international learning opportunity through York University, which includes one or more of the following: study abroad, exchange, summer internship or other internationally-based program offered through the Faculty of Education at York University, which extends for a period of one month or longer.

  3. Participation in one or more internationally focused cocurricular activities, which equate to a minimum of 32 hours of work. Experience must be completed during the Bachelor of Education degree program at York University. (e.g., working as a Language Partner, as a member of the planning committee with the Faculty of Education Student Association’s International Mini-Conference).
Participation in the specialization in international education requires students to identify this as an area of specialization prior to graduating with their Education degree. When students graduate from the Faculty of Education, they will be confirmed to have met all requirements. Upon confirmation from the International Education office, information will be directed to the undergraduate office in the Faculty of Education and a notation will be added to the students’ transcripts, indicating that a specialization has been completed. For more details, see