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Liberal Arts and Professional Studies – Global Political Studies


Department of Political Science

Specialized Honours BA: 120 Credits

Residency requirement: a minimum of 30 course credits and at least half (50 per cent) of the course credits required in each undergraduate degree program major/minor must be taken at York University.

Graduation requirement: students must successfully complete (pass) at least 120 credits which meet the Faculty's degree and program requirements with a cumulative grade point average of at least 5.00.

General education: 24 credits of general education chosen from approved courses in humanities, modes of reasoning, natural science and social science, including a minimum of six credits in each of humanities, natural science and social science.

Major credits: 60 credits including:

Upper-level credits: at least 36 credits at the 3000 or 4000 level, including at least 18 credits at the 4000 level.

Credits outside the major: at least 18 credits.

Recommended Courses

It is strongly recommended that students take AP/ECON 1000 3.00 and AP/ECON 1010 3.00.

Optional Specialty

Students may wish to specialize in areas such as development studies, post-communist studies, area studies, peace and security, or international political economy for the purposes of preparing for graduate school or for a particular employment goal. These students should consult the program coordinator to seek advice about appropriate course selection.

Course Substitutes

Subject to course exclusions, program requirements/restrictions and residency requirements, the following courses are acceptable substitutes for the purpose of meeting global political studies program requirements:

Program Course Course Substitutes
AP/POLS 1000 6.00 (cross-listed to: AP/PPAS 1000 6.00) GL/POLS 1400 6.00
AP/POLS 2910 6.00 (cross-listed to: AP/PPAS 2910 6.00) GL/CDNS 2600 6.00/GL/POLS 2600 6.00
AP/POLS 2940 6.00 GL/ILST 2300 3.00 plus any three credits in POLS at the 2000 level or above in the international relations field: GL/POLS 2920 6.00
AP/POLS 2950 6.00 GL/ILST 2300 3.00 plus an additional three credits in POLS at the 2000 level or above in the comparative field

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