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Undergraduate Calendar 2000-2001

Table of Contents  55 KB

Board of Governors/Conseil D'Administration  47 KB

Introduction  53 KB

Admission  72 KB

Registration and Fees  87 KB

Basic Information  42 KB

Grades and Grading Schemes  40 KB

Academic Calendar of Events  52 KB

The College System  86 KB

University Services  191 KB

Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards and Prizes  687 KB

Introduction (français)  78 KB

Admission (français)  79 KB

Inscription et driots à acquitter  93 KB

Renseignements de base  43 KB

Notes et système de notation  41 KB

Calendrier universitaire  52 KB

Le système des collèges  95 KB

Services de l'Université  202 KB

Bourses et prix  700 KB

University Policies and Regulations  220 KB

Politique et règlements de l'université  230 KB

Faculty of Arts  906 KB

Faculty of Education  207 KB

Faculty of Environmental Studies  110 KB

Faculty of Fine Arts  191 KB

Faculty of Pure and Applied Science  484 KB

Glendon College (English)  233 KB

Collège Universitaire Glendon  235 KB

Faculty/Corps Enseignant  341 KB

Courses of Instruction (African Studies to Education)  1,005 KB

Courses of Instruction (English to Labour Studies)  995 KB

Courses of Instruction (Languages, Literatures and Linguistics to Political Science)  1,042 KB

Courses of Instruction (Psychology to the School of Women's Studies)  846 KB

Glendon Courses of Instruction/Programmes d'Études (Canadian Studies/Études canadiennes to International Studies/Études internationales)  1,025 KB

Glendon Courses of Instruction/Programmes d'Études (Linguistics and Language Studies/Linguistics et Étude de langues to the School of Women's Studies/École des études de femmes)  1,032 KB

Index  354 KB

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