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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Professional Writing

Location: S311 Ross Building, Tel. 416-736-5134
Program Coordinator (at York): R. Sheese, Writing Department
Program Coordinator (at Seneca): S. Winstanley, Academic Liaison for Seneca (S2107 Seneca at York Campus, 416-491-5050, ext. 3076)
Affiliated Faculty: S. Bell, Writing Department; J. Creet, English; G. Huck, Writing Department; D. Koerber, Writing Department; A. McKenzie, Writing Department; K. Michasiw, Writing Department; D. O’Neill, Writing Department; J. Rehner, Writing Department; R. Sheese, Writing Department and Psychology; J. Spencer, Writing Department; R. Woodhouse, Writing Department

The Professional Writing program offers students the opportunity to develop the analytic and critical skills needed to keep pace with cultural, social and technological transformation in the contemporary world. Integrating theory and practice through a structured curriculum, the program prepares students for future careers in a range of fields: publishing, government, law, journalism, health care, community service, non-profit institutions, education, corporate communications and the arts. Additionally, the program provides students with strong preparation for further graduate or professional study.

The Honours BA program in Professional Writing is housed in the Writing Department in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and is offered in collaboration with Seneca College (at its Seneca@York campus). The program curriculum consists of courses offered by the Writing Department in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, and Seneca College through its School of General Education, and the Department of English. Graduates of the program will receive an Honours BA degree in Professional Writing from York University.