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Eligibility for Transfer Credit

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Applicants admitted to York University who present accredited previous postsecondary studies may be eligible for transfer credit. The determination of transfer credit eligibility will take into consideration the applicant’s complete record of accredited postsecondary study. The amount of transfer credit granted depends on the type of institution attended, academic nature of the program completed, the number of courses completed, the grades received and the program to which the student has applied at York. Applicants admitted to York who were not in good standing at all previous postsecondary institutions may be eligible for transfer credit consideration and will be assessed on an individual basis.

Course Description

Canadian Postsecondary Studies: Students who have previously completed anthropology, business (e.g. accounting, commerce taxation), biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, economics, electrical engineering, mathematics, music, psychology, physics, space engineering or statistics courses are required to provide institutionally prepared course outlines/syllabi, including an overall course description, detailed list of topics covered, a list of all required textbooks, and the number of lecture, tutorial and laboratory hours in order to evaluate previous studies.

York University reserves the right to require institutionally prepared course outlines/syllabi for any admitted program. For details, visit:

International Postsecondary Studies: All studies completed at international institutions must include institutionally prepared, detailed course descriptions/syllabi/course outlines are required for all academic work completed outside of Canada and the United States at the postsecondary level. The outlines should include: overall course description, detailed list of topics covered, list of textbooks used, grading practices, number of weeks in attendance (excluding examination period), and number of lecture, tutorial and laboratory hours.

For all students, detailed descriptions of postsecondary work completed in the intended major are recommended to determine if any transfer credits can be applied to the major. Course descriptions/syllabi/course outlines must represent the timeframe within which the student took the course and be prepared by the former institution or be available on the institution’s website. Submit your course descriptions via MyFile ( Documents that can be uploaded directly will be clearly identified with an “Upload” link. To login to MyFile, you will need your nine-digit reference number and your date of birth. If you have any issues uploading your course descriptions, please contact the Admissions Client Services at 416-736-5000 for assistance.

Course descriptions not in English or French can be translated into English or French by the applicant and submitted with the institutionally prepared copy. Official English or French translations (by a certified translator) of original transcripts that are not in English or French are also required.

A separate application requesting transfer credit consideration is not required. The receipt of all transfer credit documentation and the evaluation of all possible transfer credits available at the time of admission must be completed within one academic term from the date of admission to the University. (Fall term and fall/winter session admission: completed by the end of the fall/winter session; winter term admission: completed by the end of the summer session; summer session admission: completed by the end of the fall term.)

Should a transfer student, having left York to pursue study at another postsecondary institution, decide to return to York, a new application to York may be required and all previous transfer credit will be reassessed.

Undergraduate University Degree Programs

Applicants admitted to York who have completed degree credit work toward baccalaureate degrees at an accredited postsecondary institution within Canada or outside of Canada may be considered for transfer credit. Transfer credit consideration is given to course work in which the grade achieved is that normally required of a continuing York student. Students are granted the maximum possible transfer credit; however, not all credits may contribute toward satisfying the degree requirements of their program. To be eligible to graduate, all students must meet the minimum residency and degree requirements of their program.

York University supports the Pan-Canadian Protocol on the transferability of university credits, and undertakes to ensure that all course work completed by transfer students during the first two years of university study in Canada (including the final year of studies leading to a diploma of college studies [DCS] in Quebec and the university transfer courses offered by community colleges and university colleges in British Columbia and Alberta) will be recognized and fully credited for the purposes of granting a degree provided that:

  1. the transfer student is deemed admissible and has been presented with an offer of admission;
  2. the transfer student has achieved a passing grade in his/her course(s) and has obtained grade levels that would normally be required of continuing students; and
  3. the credits earned are related to the program of study in which the transfer student will register, or the credits can be counted as electives for the program of study.

Note: If a student is granted a course exclusion and chooses to repeat the exclusion while at York, transfer credit will be forfeited.

College Diploma Programs

Applicants admitted to York who have completed a diploma program or at least one year (two semesters) of full-time study in an academic program at an accredited Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) or Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (ITAL) in Ontario or an accredited college outside of Ontario may be considered for transfer credit. The minimum requirement for transfer credit consideration is a minimum overall average of 3.00 on a 4-point scale (B/70 per cent) on all courses taken, including failed courses.

Articulation agreements with a College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) or Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (ITAL) or equivalent may result in enhanced transfer credit. York has articulation agreements with the following colleges:

Depending on the specific program completed, transfer credit will be granted and may result in the satisfaction of specified degree requirements and specific course waivers may be granted.

Students are granted the maximum possible transfer credit, however, students must meet all residency and degree requirements of their program and some transfer credit may not contribute to satisfying these requirements.

Advanced Secondary Studies and CEGEP (Quebec)

At York, "advanced secondary studies" refer to standardized qualifications or studies that offer students an opportunity to study in an academically challenging program or courses to prepare them for postsecondary studies. Programs or courses completed with specific grades or averages are eligible for transfer credit. Eligible programs or courses include: Advanced Placement (AP); the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) Diploma; the General Certificate of Education (GCE) A levels; the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma; the French Baccalaureate; and the Diplome d’études collegiale (DEC). To see the maximum amount of transfer credit awarded to each program/course, please visit: