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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Political Science

Location: S672 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-5265
Chair: TBA
Associate Chair: TBA
Undergraduate Program Director: D. Pilon
Distinguished Research Professors: S. Gill, L. V. Panitch
University Professors: R. Drummond, F. Fletcher, R. Rudolph
Professors: I. Bakker, A. Bayefsky, S. Bell, D. Dewitt, J. Hellman, S. Hellman, D. A. Horowitz, T. Klassen, D. Leyton-Brown, D. McNally, A. Mukherjee-Reed, D. Mutimer, J. Nitzan, O. Subtelny, S. L. Whitworth
Associate Professors: A. Agathangelou, G. Albo, S. Alnasseri, R. R. Bazowski, S. Bohn, M. Breaugh, N. Canefe, G. Chin, G. Comninel, E. Dauphinee, S. Forsyth, L. Hae, S. Henders, G. Kernernan, J. Krikorian, H. Lacher, R. Latham, R. Loeppky, R. MacDermid, H. MacRae, T. Maley, E. Morera, K. Murray, S. Newman, J. Newton, D. Pilon, S. Plekhanov, A. Porter, R. Saunders, B. Smardon, N. Short, G. Slowey
Sessional Professor: C. Banack, S. Rahnema
Professors Emeriti: R. Albritton, N. Black, R. Cox, E. Dosman, F. J. Fletcher, B. Frolic, M. D. Goldrick, L. North, J. Saul, D. Shugarman, H. Simmons, G. Szablowski, R. Whitaker, D. Verney

The Political Science program is designed to develop a student’s ability in three areas:

  1. Political analysis: students will learn to think critically about politics and develop an in-depth understanding of the nature of government and law, accountability, the use and abuse of power, rights and responsibilities, diversity and inclusion, and global politics;
  2. Critical skills: the program develops critical skills that are key assets for future employment, including effective written and oral communication, analytical and quantitative skills, and collaborative skills; and
  3. Democratic awareness: students will learn what active citizenship entails and the possibilities of acting politically to bring about change.

The department offers a broad range of courses that focus on different themes. Students who major or minor in Political Science may choose to focus on one theme, or may take courses from several of the following themes:

  • Law, Social Justice and Ethics
  • Global Politics
  • Canadian Democracy in the North American Context
  • Development, Inequality and the Global South
  • Gender, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Political Economy
  • Political Thought
  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Violence and Security

For more detailed information, please consult the departmental supplemental calendar or our website.

Graduates of York’s Political Science program have established successful careers in areas such as: law, public service, the private sector, international agencies, advocacy organizations, the media, and active politics. Graduates of the program are also especially qualified to pursue graduate studies in political science and related disciplines in the social sciences. Visit our website to see where our graduates are today.

For specific program requirements, please consult the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Programs of Study section.

The department also offers a Specialized Honours BA degree program in Global Political Studies.

Political science is offered by the Faculties of Glendon and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.