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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Multicultural and Indigenous Studies

Location: Department of Equity Studies, 302 Atkinson Building, Tel.: 416-736-5235
Chair: M. Derayeh
Undergraduate Program Director and Coordinator: T. Das Gupta
Professor: T. Das Gupta, H. Moghissi, S. Rahnema, L. A. Visano
Associate Professor: M. Deraveh, L. Foster, M. Jacobs, B. Lawrence, D. McNab, M. Oikawa
Assistant Professors: M. Goodman

This program represents the “cutting edge” in social justice studies, bringing together anti-racist, ethnic and Indigenous studies in a unique program that enables students to explore the specific concerns of racialized, immigrant or Indigenous communities while learning about their interconnections. Students can choose to focus on Indigenous studies, diasporic studies or globalization studies (or a combination of the three). The program is designed for students preparing for graduate studies, professional studies or employment in education, public administration, law or law enforcement, immigration, social work, the health professions, policy work and non-governmental organizations.

Students seeking the BA take a major of 30 credits including AP/MIST 1100 6.00 Multicultural and Indigenous Studies, and a choice of either  AP/MIST 1050 6.00 Introduction to Indigenous Thought, or AP/MIST 3610 6.00 Global Migration and Diaspora Cultures or AP/MIST 3620 6.00 (cross-listed to: AP/POLS 3565 6.00) Racism and Colonialism, twelve credits from courses in the specific stream that the student has chosen and six additional credits chosen from any of the three streams.

Honours BA students take a total of 48 credits; Specialized Honours students take a total of 60 credits.