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Lassonde School of Engineering (LE) – Mechanical Engineering

Location: 429C Life Sciences Building, Tel.: 416-736-5901
Undergraduate/Graduate Office: 429C Life Sciences Building, Tel.: 416-736-5901
Acting Chair: S. K. Mitra
Professor: A. Amirfazli, S. K. Mitra, M. Shoukri, Z. H. Zhu
Associate Professors: A. Czekanski, A. Maxwell
Assistant Professors: S. N. Leung, P. Rezai, N. Tabatabaei

Offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering trains profession to serve the needs in a wide spectrum of areas. These areas include medical devices, automotive, aerospace, electronics packaging, manufacturing, shipping, transportation, energy production, storage, and usage, mechanics of human body and living organisms, mechatronics, nanotechnology, robotics, microsystems, sustainable building systems, control and industrial simulators, and rehabilitation technology to name a few. The diverse disciplinary foundation of the profession means that mechanical engineers are crucial to serve many needs in our society. To prepare students for the challenges of such a broad discipline in their future careers, the curriculum is designed to (i) provide fundamental knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences, as well as engineering science and design; (ii) emphasize complementary knowledge in ethics, entrepreneurship, economics law, sustainability, and communications; and (iii) equip graduates with skills to use and learn how to use modern engineering tools, such as CAD/CAM, 3D printer, instrumentation for various measurements, etc. In particular, the engineering science component in the curriculum involves areas such as kinematics, thermodynamics, solid mechanics, materials science, heat transfer, principles of design, and fluid mechanics to a wide array of systems and subsystems found in various machineries and devices or living organisms in economic and industrial sectors. The third and fourth year courses also help students to integrate the knowledge they acquired and apply them at the system level. Graduates from our Mechanical Engineering program can expect to find employment in any of the aforementioned areas as well as related certification, inspection, maintenance, implementation and life-cycle management functions. At the same time, it is expected that the graduates from our program will create new business opportunities and be the future innovators and entrepreneurs.