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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Italian Culture/Italian Studies

Location: S561 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-5016
Program Coordinator: G. Colussi Arthur
Affiliated Faculty: M. Buccheri, G. Colussi-Arthur, R. Iannacito-Provenzano, J. Picchione, L. Pietropaolo, A. Ricci, G. Scardellato, R. Scott, R. Sinyor, J. Vizmuller-Zocco

Italian Studies is an interdisciplinary program in the best tradition of the humanities. We offer courses in literature, culture, language, linguistics, media, film, opera, and Italian-Canadian studies. Students can choose from three major/minor degree options: Italian studies (BA), Italian studies (iBA) and Italian culture (BA). Each of these consists of core courses taught by our faculty. In addition, Italian studies offers three levels of certificates of language proficiency.

Italian Studies (BA)

This degree requires a full complement of language, literature and linguistics courses, most of which are taught in Italian. Students in this degree program may opt for a Specialized Honours BA, an Honours BA, an Honours Double Major, an Honours Double Major (Interdisciplinary), an Honours Major/Minor, or an Honours Minor.

Italian Studies (iBA)

This degree has the same requirements as the Honours BA in Italian studies and also includes an international component in which students take courses at one of our partner universities in Italy. Students entering this program must make an appointment with the program coordinator of Italian studies prior to enrolment.

Italian Culture (BA)

This degree is offered in English; its core requirement of three culture courses is complemented by electives chosen from our Italian culture courses, as well as from courses with significant Italian content taught by other departments. Students in this degree program may opt for an Honours BA, an Honours Double Major, an Honours Major/Minor or an Honours Minor.