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Lassonde School of Engineering (LE) – International Bachelor of Arts and International Bachelor of Science

Location: 1003 Lassonde Building, Tel.: 416-736-5053
Undergraduate/Graduate Office: 1003 Lassonde Building, Tel.: 416-736-5334
Chair: R. P. Wildes
Professors: A. An, A. Asif, N. Cercone, P.W. Dymond, J. Edmonds, J. Elder, J. Gryz, R. Hornsey, M. R. M. Jenkin, Y. Lian, J. Ostroff, G. Tourlakis, J. Tsotsos, F. van Breugel
Associate Professors: M. Aboelaze, R. Allison, J. Amanatides, M. Baljko, A. Eckford, P. Godfrey, H. Jiang, M. Kant, Y. Lesperance, B. Ma, S. MacKenzie, S. Magierowski, A. Mirzaian, U. Nguyen, S. Pisana, E. Ruppert, M. Spetsakis, Z. Stachniak, A. Toptsis, V. Tzerpos, N. Vlajic, R. M. Wharton, R.P. Wildes, J. Xu
Assistant Professors: S. Datta, P. Faloutsos, E. Ghafar-Zadeh, G. J. Gotshalks, J. Lam

Senior Lecturers:

P. H. Cribb, H. Roumani

Sessional Assistant Professor:

J. Hofbauer

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has a strong interest and involvement in promoting opportunities for students to study abroad.  The iBSc and iBA degree programs are structured to build on the established strengths of the Honours programs by including a mandatory period of study abroad. The program requires students to acquire an international language and to gain international experience on exchange at one of York University’s partner institutions abroad.