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Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (AP) – Health and Society

Location: S775 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-2100, ext. 77796
Program Coordinator: M. Davies, Social Science
Affiliated Faculty: P. Antze, Social Science; B. Beardwood, Social Science; M. Davies, Social Science; D. Elliot, Social Science; J. Llambias-Wolff, Social Science

Health and Society is an interdisciplinary studies program that explores health and healing within social, historical, political, economic, ecological, and cultural contexts. Courses in the program challenge students to look critically at biomedical practices, to understand the complexities of health policy, and to see the ways globalizing economies shape illness, health care, and individual well-being. Students are exposed to a variety of theoretical approaches used in health studies, as well as a range of academic fields, notably sociology, political economy, cultural anthropology, and social history.

The program provides a background for students seeking employment in the health care sector with both non-profit and private agencies, health organizations, and government at all levels, as well as a background for students who seek to focus on health in fields such as law, journalism, women's issues, and social activism. Students who wish to go on to work in health-related occupations or enter graduate programs in health studies will find that the Health and Society program provides an excellent foundation for post-graduate studies. The program also simply enriches the experience of those who have general interests in health-related issues.