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Faculty of Science (SC) – Environmental Science

Location: N417 Ross Building, Tel.: 416-736-5107
Coordinator of the Program: R. Bello
Professors: D. R. Bazely, Q. Cheng, J. C. McConnell, L. D. M. Packer, J. S. Shore, B. J. Stutchbury, P. A. Taylor, N. Yan, K. L. Young
Associate Professors: R. L. Bello, T. Drezner, M. A. Jenkins, G. P. Klaassen, C. J. Lortie, R. Quinlan, T. Remmel, A. Robert
Assistant Professors: A. Zayed

Environmental science encompasses the study of the major natural interacting systems of climate, water, biota and landforms and the effects of human activities on these systems. The program provides students with a broad interdisciplinary education which is organized around the field of environmental science rather than being focused on a single academic discipline. It equips students with scientific knowledge and understanding of several environmental systems so that they can effectively analyse and deal with complex environmental problems.

Students are required to focus their studies on one of two streams (physical sciences and life sciences) and complete a set of core courses which provide a minimum breadth in both the physical and life sciences.

For specific requirements of the Specialized Honours BSc program in Environmental Science and for the list of courses, see the Faculty of Science Programs of Study section.