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Lassonde School of Engineering (LE) – Computer Science

Location: 1003 Lassonde Building, Tel.: 416-736-5053
Undergraduate/Graduate Office: 1003 Lassonde Building, Tel.: 416-736-5334
Chair: R. P. Wildes
Professors: A. An, A. Asif, N. Cercone, P. W. Dymond, J. Edmonds, J. Elder, J. Gryz, R. Hornsey, M. R. M. Jenkin, H. Jiang, Y. Lian, J. Ostroff, G. Tourlakis, J. Tsotsos, F. van Breugel
Associate Professors: M. Aboelaze, R. Allison, J. Amanatides, M. Baljko, A. Eckford, P. Faloutsos, P. Godfrey, M. Kant, Y. Lesperance, B. Ma, S. MacKenzie, S. Magierowski, A. Mirzaian, U. Nguyen, S. Pisana, E. Ruppert, M. Spetsakis, Z. Stachniak, A. Toptsis, V. Tzerpos, N. Vlajic, R. M. Wharton, R. P. Wildes, J. Xu
Assistant Professors: S. Datta, H. Farag, E. Ghafar-Zadeh, G. J. Gotshalks, J. Jiang, J. Lam
Senior Lecturers: P. H. Cribb, H. Roumani
Sessional Assistant Professor: J. Hofbauer

Offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the computer science program is the study of processes involving the storage, transmission and transformation of information in the context of modern electronic technology. Both theoretical and applied areas of computer science are represented in the courses offered by the department.

The introductory courses (two for majors, several for non-majors) are concerned largely with programming as the primary tool used for understanding and controlling computation. The higher-level courses deal with theoretical foundations and limitations of computing, the practical design of hardware and software, and a variety of application areas including robotics, graphics and visualization, multimedia and computer music, database systems, artificial intelligence, programming languages, operating systems, computer networks, user interfaces, signal processing, and computer vision.

Computer Science programs include three international programs that are described in detail under Programs of Study - International BA Honours (iBA), International BSc Honours (iBSc) and a Dual Specialized Honours Degree (two degrees are obtained in the space of four years).