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Lassonde School of Engineering (LE) – Civil Engineering

Location: 352 Chemistry Building, Tel.: 416-736-5925
Undergraduate/Graduate Office: 352 Chemistry Building, Tel.: 416-736-5925
Chair: J. Sharma
Professor: J. Sharma
Associate Professor: D. Palermo
Assistance Professor: R. Beddoe, A. Eldyasti, M. Krol

Civil Engineering is perhaps the most diverse discipline in terms of its scope and application and has a profound impact on society and quality of life. It also plays a huge role in the development of mineral and energy sources and in protecting our natural and built environment. The undergraduate program in Civil Engineering at Lassonde encompasses designing, building and maintaining infrastructure, foundation design, natural hazards, water and sewage treatment, waste management systems and environmental site assessments. Our graduates receive training not only in the traditional areas of Civil Engineering, but also in new and emerging areas such as infrastructure rehabilitation, sustainability, and climate-change-driven engineering. Our aim is to graduate civil engineers with exceptional technical skills, as well as strong communication and entrepreneurial skills and passion for social justice and environmental stewardship. The first year in Civil Engineering provides a strong foundation in physical sciences, applied mathematics, programming, and introduces the students to fundamentals of engineering design, professional engineering ethics, and communication. The second year includes fundamental engineering science courses whereas the third year focuses on core courses in major Civil Engineering sub-disciplines of structural, geotechnical, environmental/municipal, hydrotechnical, and transportation engineering. The final year provides the flexibility of being able to select advanced-level electives in the above-mentioned sub-disciplines, as well as, electives from other engineering disciplines.