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LASSONDE – Advising, Enrolment, Registration, Graduation and Other Administrative Procedures


Student Responsibility

Every effort is made in the Lassonde School of Engineering to ensure that each student receives academic advice and sufficient information to guide in course selection and program choice. Within this context, the student is responsible for the following:

  • ensuring that the courses chosen meet all program (refer to the Lassonde School of Engineering Programs of Study section) and degree (refer to the Lassonde School of Engineering Regulations Governing Undergraduate Degree Requirements section) requirements for graduation;
  • verifying the accuracy of registration records, including all course changes;
  • fulfilling the requirements and being aware of academic progress in their program of study and in all registered courses; attending class and submitting all required course work;
  • understanding and adhering to the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty, as well as other relevant Senate Policies at;
  • noting and abiding by the sessional deadline dates published on the Current Students Web page each year, especially course change deadline dates.


New Students

Newly-admitted Lassonde School of Engineering students will have the opportunity to meet with an adviser to discuss program and degree requirements.  New students are required to book an enrolment appointment that takes place in-person or online to be able to enrol into their courses. It is the responsibility of all students to familiarize themselves with both the requirements of their individual programs of study (refer to the Lassonde School of Engineering Programs of Study section) and the regulations governing their degree requirements (refer to the Lassonde School of Engineering Regulations Governing Undergraduate Degree Requirements section).

During the enrolment appointment, an adviser will:

  • assist with course selection and familiarization of degree requirements
  • explain Transfer Credit Statements (if applicable)
  • orient the student to York University and Lassonde School of Engineering services and important online resources
  • familiarize students with Lassonde School of Engineering rules and regulations

Current Students

Current students at the Lassonde School of Engineering are able to contact the Lassonde Student Welcome and Support Centre throughout the year for guidance and information on topics such as, but not limited, academic progress, degree programs and requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Lassonde Student Welcome and Support Centre academic advisers for support throughout the academic year.

All continuing students should attend one of the group advising sessions, meet with an Academic Adviser or the Undergraduate Program Director of their program at least once each session prior to enrolling in courses for the next session.


Students enrol in courses via the Web enrolment system. Information on how to use the system is provided on the Enrolment and Registration Guide Web page at Students are strongly recommended to seek individual support regarding course selection and enrolment from Academic Advisers at the Lassonde Student Welcome and Support Centre.

In preparation for enrolment, and at the advising appointment, the following should be considered:

Lassonde School of Engineering degree requirements and regulations. Refer to the Lassonde School of Engineering Regulations Governing Undergraduate Degree Requirements section.

Prerequisites/corequisites. Most courses have prerequisite and/or corequisite requirements. These may be specific courses (indicating specific required background knowledge) or they may be general prerequisites e.g., a minimum required GPA or specific course grade prior to enrolment in higher-level courses).

As indicated in the Lassonde School of Engineering Regulations Governing Undergraduate Degree Requirements section, it is the student's responsibility to enrol in only those courses for which the student has successfully completed all designated prerequisites and to take concurrently all specified corequisites not already completed successfully. Students who lack the stated prerequisites but have reason to believe that they can succeed in a course must obtain written permission of the department concerned (consult the departmental undergraduate office regarding the procedure to be followed) before enrolling.

Course credit exclusions. Students should avoid enrolling in any two courses which are designated as course credit exclusions. For more information regarding course credit exclusions, refer to Course Credit Exclusions in the Lassonde School of Engineering Regulations Governing Undergraduate Degree Requirements section.

Credit Load: A maximum of 33 credits in total may be taken during a fall/winter session (39 credits for the BEng degree).

A maximum of 15 credits in total may be taken during a summer session at York University and/or at another institution. Students can meet with an academic adviser from the Lassonde Student Welcome and Support Centre for enrolment options support.

BEng Enrolment Guidelines: Students registered in the Bachelor of Engineering program are required to enrol in LE/EECS courses that are categorized as Section E or Section Z only.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit towards a York University degree may be granted for courses taken at other accredited postsecondary institutions prior to registration at York University.

Transfer credit assessments for the Lassonde School of Engineering are specific to the program and subject area(s) in which the student plans to enrol at York University. If the student does not enrol in the program(s) and subject area(s) specified on the admission application or, subsequent to first registration, changes subject area(s) and/or program(s), the transfer credit must be reassessed. Students requiring assistance with their Transfer Credit should contact the Lassonde Student Welcome and Support Centre.

Letters of Permission

A student wishing to take a course at an external accredited institution at any time for credit towards a degree program in the Lassonde School of Engineering is required to obtain a letter of permission from York University prior to taking the course.

Request forms for letters of permission are available online on the Letters of Permission Web page at The Letter of Permission Application form, with course description(s) from the other institution, must be submitted to the appropriate departmental office to have the course(s) assessed for equivalencies/exclusions. The completed form must then be returned to Registrarial Services.

At the conclusion of the session for which a letter of permission was granted, the student must arrange for the host institution to submit either an official transcript for consideration for transfer credit or official notice of withdrawal/non-enrolment to the Registrar’s Office.

The student must obtain a grade of C or higher in the course for which a letter of permission has been granted in order to receive credit for the course in the Lassonde School of Engineering. Such courses completed on letters of permission are included in the student's cumulative record, although grades from such courses are not listed on York University transcripts and are not included in the calculation of York grade point averages.

Should a student leave York University to pursue study at another postsecondary institution without a letter of permission, upon return to York, a new application to York is required and all previous transfer credit will be reassessed.

Changes in Program/Subject Area(s)

Students can apply for a program change at various times throughout the year.  All requests are subject to review and approval depending on program requirements and space.  In addition, application procedures and requirements vary by program and type of change (e.g. change of major, degree or faculty).  For program specific requirements and application procedures contact the Lassonde Student Welcome & Support Centre or refer to the Registrar’s program change website at Transfer credit assessments must be reviewed after any change in program/subject area.

Course Changes

Course changes are permitted, but only for limited periods of time, and in accordance with the sessional dates in the enrolment guides. Written permission of the course instructor(s) may be required. Students should consult their advisers regarding the effect course changes may have on the fulfillment of program and degree requirements, but it is the responsibility of the student to recognize the consequences of course changes on academic progress. Students are responsible for verifying their enrolment during each academic session.


A student who has been absent from the University for three or more consecutive terms (e.g. Summer, Fall, and Winter) must apply to the Registrar’s Office (available on the Reactivation Web page at to be reactivated.

Note: this does not apply to students who have been debarred from York University or to students who have taken postsecondary courses at another institution during their absence from York University; all such students must apply, through the Admissions Office, to be re-admitted to York University.


Students should apply to graduate in the calendar year in which they expect to qualify for the degree, irrespective of whether or not they plan to attend the graduation ceremony. The application to graduate can be found on the Apply to Graduate Web page at

The deadline dates for spring and fall graduation ensure that all potential graduates’ records are assessed with care. Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.

A student registered in an Honours program may apply to graduate with a bachelor degree, provided bachelor program requirements are met.

Degree Reclassification

A student who has completed a York University bachelor degree in the Lassonde School of Engineering may continue, after graduation, in a Specialized Honours program in the same subject area or in an Honours Double Major or Honours Major/Minor program including the same subject area, provided the grade point average is that required for the Honours program.

A student who wishes to pursue a second degree in a different field of study must apply to the Admissions Office for admission as a second degree candidate.