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Faculty of Education (ED) – Religious Studies


Religious studies as a teaching subject offers courses that include areas of religion, culture, biblical, Jewish and Christian studies. Courses are also offered which support studentsí inquiry into Islamic studies, religious traditions of Asia, and North American First Nations spirituality.

Courses must be selected from within the course list of the Religious Studies program. The resulting qualifications will enable the student to design a comparative religion course as well as teach within public, private and secondary school settings. Course selections should be made in consultation with a Faculty of Education adviser and/or the education religious studies adviser. All nine credit courses will be counted as six credits towards the teaching subject.


As a first teaching subject, you must complete 36 credits in religious studies. 24 credits in the teaching subject area must be completed prior to enrolling in Semester 1 and 2 ED/RELS 4000 3.00 and ED/RELS 4001 3.00.

As a second teaching subject you, must complete 18 credits in religious studies prior to enrolling in Semester 3 and 4 ED/RELS 4000 3.00 and ED/RELS 4001 3.00.