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Faculty of Education (ED) – Consecutive BEd Program


The Consecutive BEd program is a four-semester — two-year program.

Successful graduates of the programs receive a BEd degree as well as a recommendation for the Ontario Certificate of Qualification.

Standards and Procedures for Admission to the Consecutive Program

Applicants must hold an approved degree from an accredited degree-granting institution and must present a minimum overall grade point average of B (on a 14-point scale or equivalent 73 per cent) based on the final 60 credits or equivalent (10 full courses, or final two years of full-time study) in an undergraduate degree program.

Applicants must be able to speak, write and understand English well in order to be successful in the program. Applicants whose first language is other than English will be required to provide proof of proficiency of English by completing a language proficiency test.

Primary/Junior: applicants do not choose teaching subjects. Applicants will be given preference if they have completed six credits (one full university course) or equivalent, in English, as well as six credits (one full university course or equivalent) in a curriculum subject area.

Junior/Intermediate: applicants must choose one teaching subject and must have completed 24 credits (four full university courses) in the selected teaching subject. Applicants will be given preference if they have completed six credits (one full university course or equivalent) in English, as well as having a B average on the selected teaching subject courses. Teaching subjects available are:

dance history
dramatic arts mathematics
English music - instrumental
French as a second language science - general
geography visual arts
health and physical education  

Intermediate/Senior: must choose two teaching subjects and must have completed, or be completing, an Honours program with at least 36 credits (six full university courses) in the first teaching subject and 18 credits (three full university courses) in the second teaching subject. Preference will be given to applicants who have a minimum B average on the courses applicable to each teaching subject. Teaching subjects available are:

business studies - accounting history
business studies - general international languages (German, Italian, Spanish)
business studies - entrepreneurship law
business studies - information and communication technology mathematics
classical studies (Greek or Latin) music - instrumental
computer studies native studies
dance philosophy
dramatic arts politics
economics religious education
english science - biology
environmental science/studies science - chemistry
family studies science - general
French as a second language science - physics
geography social sciences - general
health and physical education visual arts

There is potential for conflicts or repetition in choosing similar teaching subjects, such as ones that fall under the business/computer studies/ economics, geography/environmental science/science, history/law/political science or philosophy/religious education/social science categories. Although you may select these combinations, be advised that you may have the same course director and same course outline for both teaching subject classes.

Application Procedures

Application forms for the Consecutive program are available from the middle of September to the beginning of December through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) at All candidates are required to complete an online supplementary application form through MyFile (  The online Supplementary Application form and all other admission documents (Experience Profile and Summary, Personal Statement and two references) are due mid December.

Note: an application will not be regarded as complete until all documents and materials have been received by the Faculty of Education.